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. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. this is a live picture of the bay bridge. pam, did you -- turn the lights on down below. >> i know. the display. the art display is there. the lights are out.
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>> the lower deck. no lights. that must be wild driving through that. sal is checking on that. weighs talking -- he was talking about that earlier. these are live pictures of the bay bridge and you are with us. we will get you through safe. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. wednesday, february 15th. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. 4:31 is the time. let's check in with steve. about when the rain is coming. >> tonight for some. tomorrow for everybody. tomorrow morning. we have our system that inching closer. a lot of cloud cover. it'll still be mild. there may be a few sun breaks. then we will cloud it up. rain starting on the north coast already. i realize people are up there watching. good news with orrville. they are going against time. down at 881.14. i haven't gotten a 5:00 a.m. update but probably about 880. look at the out flow. they said let's turn this baby
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up and they are. they are up to 117cu bic feet a second verses 99 yesterday. system moving in on the north. you may be on the rain before anyone else there. cloud cover are will continue to roll in and the breeze will pick up and it's on the mild side. 40s and 50s. that's for sure. look at a mostly cloudy day. rain moves tonight and over tomorrow. it is starting -- looks like about six days of rain. then very heavy rain around santa barbara. then we will have a series of systems coming in but we will get the a break on the weekend sunday night into monday. there is projections of heavy rain in the feather canyon. >> sometimes they will turn the lights off and you are like what? i can only imagine on the
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bridge. >> it's unnerving. this is a video of it going through san francisco to oakland and it's a dark tunnel. you can still see but -- check this out. if we can go to my computer guys in the control room. steve, and everybody else watching. right here is the tower. this is what is normally looks like. you remember this. then comes like that. that's what you normally would see. it's dark. it's not on. all right? the traffic is moving along okay but that is the picture we normally see of the renicely lit tower. that's what we are dealing with. i don't think it's a huge deal but may be unnerving. let's go to solano. the traffic isn't to bad if you are driving american canyon to vallejo. it has been a good drive with
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no major issues driving for the solano drive. looks pretty good. no major issues on 780 or 680 as you drive through. at the bay bridge toll plaza you will see the traffic is going to be light. at 4:34 let's go back to the desk. many of the 188,000 people evacuated from near the orrville dam are back home again after that evacuation order was lifted. while they are happy to be home again some families have packed for another possible evacuation. officials are warning everybody stay aware. the operators of the dam say that the reservoir is emptying fast enough that it should be able to handle the rain that we expect tonight. california will have to rely on washington to upgrade the state's aging infrastructure. after years of neglect it could cost $65 billion a year just to repair and maintain the roads, bridges and dams. the governor has proposed
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investing 43 billion over five years. researchers say that california needs federal help. the trump administration has indicated that it wants to improve infrastructure nationwide it has yet to lay out a specific plan to pay for it. experts say miles of west coast beaches in danger as sea levels are rising. a study of 29 beaches along the west coast including here in the bay area show big areas of sand lost during the el nino winter of 2015. the usgs which led this study said it was the worst loss of shoreline since the survey started almost 150 years ago. sciencists say that the number of events will double in the coming years because of the expected changes in the earth acclimate. a new report reveals that nearly 56,000 bridge across the country are in need of repairs including several right here in
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the bay area. according to the american road and transportation builders association the busiest local bridges on the list include one in alameda county at interstate 880 over the queen pacific railroad at san leandro creek. another in santa clara at interstate 280 over the lawrence expressway and creek and up in sacramento county a bridge along 80 over winter street is also consider deficient. bart wants another toll hike on the seven state owned bridges. they want the state to increase tolls between one and three dollars. that could push tolls as high as $9. the proposal to hike tolls could end up on the ballot as early as next year. the transit agency gets some funding from bridge tolls. bart hope itself hopes it'll get as much as one third of
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toll increases. it said it needs to buy 306 new train cars. new information on a breaking story from san francisco. we told you moments ago. police investigating now the death of a man at eddie and franklin. the police are is still out there right now. the police were called out earlier this morning to investigate an accident. when they arrived this he found they found a man with a head wound. he has now died. we will continue to bring you more information as soon as we get it. we have new information about the father shot and killed in a road rage incident. he was -- he died on sunday after he was shot while driving with his family. his wife grabbed the wheel of the car and drove to a nearby hospital. her husband did not survive. we spoke to his widow. she called him a loving father and said their 5-year-old is still waiting for him to come
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home. >> he has seen everything. it was horrible because he doesn't know -- he said his dad is dead but he don't understand it. he don't know. >> she said someone was tailgating them and her husband exchanged some words with that driver. she said that a short time later a second car pulled up and her husband argued with that driver as well. someone from that car opened fire. so far no arrests have been made. the state of colorado offering some tips to california about legalized marijuana. coming up, how they say california can avoid making the same mistakes . >> i just can't believe it. this is the first time i have gotten flowers from anyone.
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. we are learning new information about the man arrested for murder charges. he was wanted on a parole violation in san mateo. he was arrested friday night. police say that he shot and killed another man inside a parking garage and then left the scene in a stolen car before leading police on a chase and crashing. the incident is under investigation. the man accused of buying the high powered rifles used in a terror attack is expected to plead guilty tomorrow to charges of conspiracy.
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if convicted the 25-year-old could let 25 years in prison. he was a friend of the gunman and his wife. they shot and killed 14 people before they were killed themselves in a gun fight with police. investigators say that marques admitted he bought the gun that the suspect used. the prosecutors have said there is no evidence that marques knew about the plot. in san francisco vets have a new warning for dog owners. they say they have six confirmed cases of a disease that's making dogs sick. amber lee that more on the deadly bacteria and how it spreads. >> it's okay. good boy. >> reporter: stacy said that the staff has seen a high number of dogs infected with a disease. >> you don't want to panic but
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it's something to be aware of. >> reporter: in previous years there were one or two cases yearly. just in the past two months six known capes so far. >> skunks. a lot of these animals are just around in the wild and when they go to the bathroom if they have the disease. >> reporter: this dog died at the end of january from being infected with the back tiery. the owner suspects the 13-year- old was infected at the park where she would play. the bacteria spreads through the urine of infected wild animals. dogs come in contact with the urine while drinking water from puddles or a pond. >> its going to contain that bacteria and now with all the rainfall it'll wash it in to the streams, lakes, ponds, puddles, and that's how the dogs get exposed. >> reporter: it can live in standing water for weeks or months. at the park dog owners say
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they have heard of it. they are like my kids. >> reporter: the disease is preventable with a vaccine but that one is not part of the group of vaccines most gets get. dog owners need to ask for it. i looked and they didn't get it so i'm going to a vaccine clinic to get it saturday morning. >> reporter: symptoms include loss of appetite, muscle tenderness and vomiting. check for yellowing inside the dog's ears. looking inside and the whites of their eyes. . >> reporter: vets advise people to keep their dogs out of standing water and to get them the vaccine. in san francisco. amber lee. ktvu fox 2news. now on a lighter note. feathers were flying last night in san francisco. it happened during a very messy
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valentine's day tradition. hundreds of people gathered there at justin herman plaza. it's the free for all pillow fight. an event where total strangers have a chance to playfully hit each other with soft pillows. san francisco department of public works are in charge of cleaning up all the mess. it normally costs the city about 5,000 dollars. a wisconsin teenager may be the most popular guy in school this morning after a grand valentine's day gesture. the high school senior wanted everybody to feel special so he went ahead and bought flowers for all the girls in his entire school. zach peterson passed out $450 worth of roses. made sure he didn't leave anyone out. >> i decided that i should get roses for all of you. and the lunch ladies and the office ladies and the
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counselors and my mom. she got a bouquet this morning too many. >> i'm so proud of him. some day some girl will be lucky. >> yeah. i think so. he remembered the lunch lady and his mom of course. mom said he didn't do it for the reaction. he just did it out of the kindness of his heart. >> he looks like a great guy. i have to add that's a wonderful way to meet a lot of girls. >> true. >> just saying. let's meet sal. is he right over there. >> i for got about that. when i was single i was always looking for angles. >> and you didn't think about handing out roses. >> yes. i did give flowers to my girls yesterday. >> good. >> good. > l >> every one of them. >> we have slow traffic. the ace train is out. let's go to the the tracy drive. ace train not running again today. they still need the tracks for freight train service. some of the other tracks that
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union pacific uses are out and they have to use these tracks which mean that ace train won't get through. to many big, long freight trains on the tracks and that means that traffic is going to be busy on the pass. we don't have a lot of people who can just miss three days of work as you drive in to the valley. more people are on the pass. eventually livermore, pleasanton. let's move along and take a look at 880 north and southbound. you can see traffic here is moving along well. no problems there. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light. the lights are out on the bridge. may be a little jarring for you but otherwise traffic is moving well on that span into san francisco. let's bring steve in. let's get to it here. we have a little break but that's ending by tonight. certainly to the north. brian s says good morning. we will drive from the peninsula to lodi and back on
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saturday. rain and bet wet roads in i don't think so. you should be fine until sunday night. there may be water on the roads from friday into early saturday but it doesn't look like we will get much in the way of rain. there will be a break. i get questions all the time like my daughter is getting married may 15th at 2:00 p.m. what will the weather be like? on the coast? inland? , where are you? patchy fog. otherwise fair. we have clouds increasing on the way. if you want to make plans for the weekend looks okay. lake orrville continues to go down. draw your attention. it's down 22 feet. the out flow -- like let's go for it now. seriously. the inflow has gone way down. only 15,000 coming in. now going out almost 118,000. the max was 160,000. that's when we had a stable spillway. that was back in 1997 by the
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way. they have ramped that up. on the north coast, thank you for watching. are you also probably just about right now getting some rain. that's the leading edge of our system. it's on the way. the cloud cover continues to increase. that's what we will have. there are still flood warnings out. that is not really going down. it's kind of leveled off. i think at 9.7 on the flood stage. that's going to start going back up again. same for the yolo causeway. there is flood warning there, goes until friday. then there are flash flood watches. the delta and tyler island. sacramento delta. there is a lot of water in to the delta. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. pretty mild. 55yukia with the cloud cover. tahoe is okay. the sierra. more than anyone else. there is a winter storm watch that kicks in tonight. goes through thursday. now the snow level will go up
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to about 7,000 feet and drop to 6,000 but there could be a couple feet of snow. that again won't start until thursday morning. same for the feather river area. that will start late tonight into tomorrow. these will be fast moving systems. we have two comingn. thursday and friday. the friday may be windy but the heaviest will be in southern california. there is serious bull eyes around santa barbara to la going over the next five-days. with rehabilitative -- we will see our fair share. then sunday night the next system into monday and tuesday. are you seeing six inches of rain. four and a quarter for sacramento. you can double that for the feather river. then two to three to four around here which would translate into four to seven for some. 60s on the temperatures. we are getting back into a wet pattern. doesn't look wild for us but it does look like we will have off and on rain. take news to friday. there is the break on the weekend. next system sunday night. monday, probably tuesday.
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>> okay. sounds good. thank you steve. >> all right. still ahead bart passengers could soon pay more during the morning drive. coming up what bart is considering and what would happen first before prices head higher. >> and fear and uncertainty about immigration. up next the new campaign by a bay area food bank to help families who may be to scared to ask for help.
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. starting today immigrants at a bay area airport will have extra help getting their citizenship. its part of a program called new american work force. san jose mayor will be at the international airport this morning to announce a partnership between the program, the city and the airport. new american work force will provide citizenship services at the airport for eligible employees and their families. he is the first airport to partner with the program. the food bank has a new campaign to help immigrants. they want to help people who may be afraid to ask for federal help because of the president's immigration policies. many are scared about what may happen so the food bank is posting messages online in four languages. >> we know that when
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immigration is in the headlines people get frightened and sometimes people avoid places where they may have felt comfortable before. we want people who are using the pantries to know they are safe and welcome at food bank pantries. >> undocumented individuals, people who are illegally aren't eligible for government programs but we have about 20% of our people are legal, noncitizens and they are receiving their cal fresh benefits or food stamps. the concern is not with any specific order because nothing has changed their eligibility but the chilling effect. it's the fear in the communities. clients calling saying take me off benefits or families being reluctant to apply. >> as for the people we met they say families depend on the trust they have built up over the years. the food bank said that it's prepared to do even more. many feeling priced out by the high cost housing in the
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bay area the creation of newhouseing is a priority for leaders in some of the biggest cities. gasia sat down with the oakland mayor, talked to her about her priorities. >> my goal for 2017, 4500 new units of housing. either completed or under construction. >> where? your city is packed tight? >> we have the room for more density. we have surface parking lots in our downtown right next to bart stations. we can afford to go taller. that is part of urban living. >> now you can see more of the interview with the mayor today during our 8:00 hour of mornings on 2. our time is 4:56. we are on top of several breaking stories. san francisco police investigating a new homicide. just a block away from a high school. the latest information from the scene when we come back. >> also part of the bay bridge
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is in the dark this morning. up next more on the power outage that many drivers noticing. >> good morning. traffic is doing well. if you are driving on 24 to the tunnel. >> if you got out hope you enjoyed the 70-degree weather yesterday. still mild today but a lot of cloud cover on the way and it'll lead to rain. ♪
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's wednesday. february 15th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. almost 200,000 people living near the lake orrville dam. you are allowed to go back home. the another storm is coming our way. we want to show you the latest on what's going on up at the dam. the water level continues to drop. it's about 20 feet from its peak level that it hit on sunday. the state said that the reservoir will be able to release enough water by tonight to hand the incoming storm. >> that's good to news. the damaged main spillway shows no significant new erosion. the emergency spillway was considered at risk of a
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collapse. its being patched by workers dumping tons of big rocks around the clock. we will keep an eye on that and keep you posted. steve is watching the storm. first about four, five starts tonight. we aren't going to see the heaviest rain. southern cal will. the feather river will get about ten inches. >> that's a lot. >> remember though, it's only mid-february and there is a massive snow pack. it won't go away any time soon. it'll take a while of about it gets in to our forecast zone. down 22 feet. lake orrville from the peek at 9:02. the key is the out flow. they have ramped it up. 117. almost 118cubic feet a second. they are trying to go as fast as possible before the sect system.

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